6 Reasons your business Needs Virtual Office

Our hosted VoIP phone solution, Velocity Virtual Office is an enterprise class business telephone solution on a small business budget. It provides features and functionality normally found only in expensive premise based solutions and gives your company great flexibility and agility. Below are just 6 of many of the reasons your business needs Velocity Virtual Office.

Reason 1: Lower Costs, Increased Productivity.

The last thing your business needs is to outlay tens of thousands of dollars on a phone system, only to be limited by yesterday’s solutions. With the Velocity Virtual Office, there are no large pieces of equipment or servers to buy. The only hardware you need is the phones, and we have rental and purchase options available to meet your business budget and need. The monthly carrying costs for this service are low but the functionally is extremely high. You get the increased productivity of an enterprise class phone system at an affordable price.

Reason 2: Lower your Support Costs

With traditional phone systems, you typically will pay a vendor to support and maintain your phone system (a phone vendor) and pay a vendor to connect your phone system to the world (a phone service provider). Those vendors tend to carry high monthly recurring costs and expensive fees for adds/moves/changes. With the Virtual Office, we collapse those vendors into one, lowering your monthly recurring and maintenance costs. And you get live, local, free technical support and training from our technicians when and where you need it. Traditional solutions typically require a full time employee on hand or at least a resident “phone system” expert, for supporting your company. With the Velocity Virtual Office, the entire system is self documenting and easy to use, so every employee becomes an expert on the phone system and their phone, freeing up your human resources to perform tasks more important to your bottom line.

Reason 3: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

What would you do if your building was leveled by an earthquake? Or, more realistically, let’s say a debilitating storm knocks power out to your building, or forces your employees to not be able to get into work. What would happen with your existing, premise based phone? It’d be down. With Virtual Office, you’d be up, business would continue uninterrupted. Because no physical phone system is on site at your premises, customers can still reach your business even when your physical offices are closed. Your employees can work from anywhere, and with our web portal you can quickly get in to route calls and traffic to cell phones or other phones at unaffected locations. Crisis averted, business goes on.

Reason 4: Flexibility and Scalability

Planning for the future for any business can be a difficult task. The last thing you want is to have too much capacity or too little capacity without the ability to change quickly. The Virtual Office is the Goldilocks of phone systems – it is just right for your business in the present and in the future, because you can quickly change your system to meet growing or shrinking needs. If resources become tight, you can easily scale back. Or more preferably, let’s say you open a new branch in a different city. You can integrate that branch into your phone system at the drop of a hat. It’s complete flexibility that’s easy to manage and deploy.

Reason 5: Features, Features and More Features

Our Velocity Virtual Office is an ever-expanding communications solution that gets more and more features as time goes on. We encourage our customers to present ideas for features, additions and changes. We review them on a regular basis and if appropriate we develop them and deploy them over the entire system, sometimes in less than 24 hours. Every customer benefits! The regular suite of features gives your business enhanced functionality with customized call handlers, 3 digit dialing, dial by name, voicemail and fax to email, and the list goes on. Essentially there isn’t much you can’t do with the Velocity Virtual Office, and if you can’t do it, we’ll consider developing it for you.

Reason 6: Future Proof

Since we are automatically upgrading the system all the time, and since there is no premise based equipment for you except the phones, you know you are always getting the latest version of the Virtual Office for your business, without having to pay licensing or upgrade fees. If a new technology comes along which better suits your Virtual Office, we’ll integrate it and upgrade the system, automatically in the background. You stay focused on your business. Leave the phone system upgrades to us.

To find out how Velocity Virtual Office can work for your business, contact Dave Johnson at 763-331-8030 or email dave.johnson@velocitytelephone.com


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